SIS Student Ambassador Program

General Ambassador Information

Position Overview:

The SIS Ambassadors (open to 8th graders) serve as the frontline representatives of Sauvie Island School while serving in multiple capacities throughout the year at various events and activities. They also serve as hosts for students who would participate in shadow experiences.  Ambassadors model good citizenship and commitment to the community throughout the school, and work to make all families and students feel included and welcome.


  • Greet and host families at School Events

  • Answer questions of students and parents during various events and activities

  • Conduct school tours to prospective families

  • Potentially serve as model for marketing photo or video shoots

  • Potentially serve as a video blogger for the admissions portion of the SIA website

  • Assist with the setup and takedown of various events and activities

  • Lead discussions or icebreakers with prospective students

  • Serve on panels for prospective students or parents

  • Model appropriate behavior

  • Serve in other various capacities and roles as directed by the Administration

  • Create school activities and events to include and engage all students

  • Represent Sauvie Island School with a high standard of class, sophistication and fun


  • Current 8th grade Sauvie Island School student in good academic and disciplinary status

  • Good written and oral communication skills

  • Ability to balance academics, co-curricular activities and wellness

  • Able to speak about Sauvie Island School with an honest and positive perspective

  • Passionate about Sauvie Island School, its mission and values


  • Giving back to community

  • Leadership role

  • The feeling of being a part of a team

  • Enhanced communication and leadership skills

  • Growth in confidence

  • Resume builder

    For more information about the SIS Student Ambassador Program, please contact Omik Kamat, School Counselor, at