Sauvie Island School will be offering transportation services to residents on Sauvie Island as well a shuttle bus between Scappoose and the Island for all of our students. In addition we will assist in connecting families to arrange carpools from St. Johns & N. Portland. For details on transportation options available to our families please read below.

Bus Shuttle Schedule
Day Time* Location
Monday (am) 9:00am Depart from Scappoose Middle Scool Cafeteria
Tuesday-Friday (am) 8:00am Depart from Scappoose Middle Scool Cafeteria
Monday-Friday (pm) 3:20pm Drop-off at Scappoose Middle School Annex
*buses will leave promptly at the time listed above. Parents will be contacted to retrieve students who missed the bus.

If your student will be riding the a.m. and/or p.m. shuttle please complete the Transportation Release and return to the front office prior to the start of school via e-mail, fax 503-621-3426 or mail 14445 NW Charlton Road, Portland, OR 97231. The shuttle to SIA will be available to students in and out of the Scappoose School District.

For families residing in the Scappoose School District, If you are interested in arranging bus pick-up /drop-off at your student’s residence or care providers to/from the shuttle spot, please contact the Bus Barn 503-543-5042. Due to district school start and end times the only transportation option may be the shuttle with the family being responsible for transporting the student to/from the hub.

Visit the Bus Routes page for specific route information.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off Instructions

There will be SIS staff as on-site supervisors at the mid-school for both the AM and PM times.

AM Drop-Off
In district students riding the morning bus from their homes will be taken to the Middle School cafeteria for their transfer to the Island Shuttle. A SIA staff member will be in the cafeteria at the Middle School to supervise the Sauvie Island School students from 7:45 AM (an hour later on Monday) until the shuttle bus leaves at 8:05 AM. Please arrive no later than 8:00 AM to ensure that your student is able to get a seat on the bus.

If you will be dropping your student off at SMS to use the shuttle bus, you may use the front pull through that parallels Hwy 30, but no earlier than 7:45am (8:45am on Monday). DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR STUDENT UNTIL A SIS STAFF MEMBER IS PRESENT. If you would like to walk your child into the cafeteria you must park in the church parking lot behind US Bank and NOT in the Mid-School parking lot or on Maple Street. While we understand this is not the most convenient way to reach the cafeteria we appreciate your cooperation to ensure our continued use of the SMS bus hub. These measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of SIS and Scappoose District students.

PM Pick-Up
Buses will arrive at the Mid-School Annex by 3:30 p.m. There will be staff onsite to ensure students board their transfer buses and to help facilitate parent pick up. Vehicles are not allowed to pull up to the curb to pick up their student. All vehicles must park in the lot and retrieve their student from the curb where the bus lets off.

*These are the expectations of Sauvie Island School and the Scappoose School District. Failure to meet these expectations will result in losing the privilege of using the transportation system.

The front office has complied a list of families who are interested in carpooling between St. Johns, NW Portland and St. Helens. If you are interested and participating in a carpool, please contact Sam at solson@sauvieislandacademy or by phone 503-621-3426 for more information.

Volunteer Drivers
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for field trips or carpool opportunities please click here and complete the Volunteer Auto Use Permit and return to the front office at the start of school. Please attach a copy of your valid driver license and current insurance information when you return your paperwork.